Zemeckis (Character)
English Name Zemeckis
Japanese Name Zemekisu (ゼメキス)
Voice Actor Akio Ōtsuka
Gender Male
Age (215) 36
Relationships Esmeree (Wife)

Vaynard (Brother-in-law)

Country Esgares
Original Castle Logres
Class Emperor
Equipment -
Initial Status
Level 27
HP 738
MP 196
Rune Power 351
Rune Area 6
Strength 98
Intelligence 74
Agility 78
Attack 276
Defense 138
Experience 34151
Next Level 2641
"The former commander of the Almekian army. He is now the Emperor of the Esgares Empire. His goal is to dominate the continent by force. He looks like a demon standing on the battlefield with a giant crossbow."

Zemeckis is the ruler of the Esgares Empire.


Zemeckis was originally a loyal officer under King Henguist, but was talked into staging a coup by Cador. He killed the king, seized control of Almekia, and declared himself emperor of the new Esgares Empire, which he plans to expand through conquest until its borders stretch across the continent.


Zemeckis is a large, muscular man with reddish-brown skin, hazel eyes, and a mane of wild gray hair. He wears dark blue plate armor and a sword on his waist, but his weapon of choice is a huge crossbow with tremendous range and power.

Grand EditionEdit

In Grand Edition, Zemeckis changes in the following ways:

  • He gains a melee attack called Gail Slicer.
  • His range with his crossbow increases from 3 to 4, but he can no longer attack with it after moving.
  • He loses Geno-Thunder.
  • He gains a 10% bonus to his counterattack damage.