Solstheim (Japanese: ソレスタン) is a castle under Norgard. It is located in the northern portion of Forsena. This is a new castle that was added only in Brigandine: Grand Edition. The land surrounding it is covered in snow. There is also an abundance of forests in the area. The castle is positioned between three mountains. It also has access to the lakes above and below it. There are three main roads leading to it. You are able to go to Kardiff if you head east, Listinoise if you head south and Alliryme if you head west. This castle provides 186 mana per month.

Monsters Edit

Monster Mana Cost
Pixie 120 Mana
Centaur 160 Mana
Lizard Man 140 Mana (TLoF)

200 Mana (GE)

Gryphon 300 Mana

Trivia Edit