Rune Knight

Yvain, two other Rune Knights, and their monsters in a castle

A Rune Knight (or knight) is a humanoid inhabitant of Forsena who has the power to summon and control monsters. Rune Knights form the leadership base of each country's army.

Rune Knights have two statistics that set them apart from monsters: Rune Power and Rune Area.

  • Rune Power determines the total power of the monsters a Rune Knight can control. Each monster has a Rune Cost, and each knight can control up to six monsters. The total Rune Cost of these monsters, however, cannot exceed the knight's Rune Power.
  • Rune Area determines how far the Rune Knight's influence over his or her monsters extends. Outside of this area, any monsters under the knight's control will become weaker and are more likely to be left behind if the knight retreats. Rune Area is measured in hexes, so if a knight has a Rune Area of 4, the knight's monsters will fight at full strength as long as they are within 4 hexes of him or her.

Rune Knights gain levels and grow in power by participating in battles. As they level up, they can change between a variety of classes to improve their stats and learn new spells and abilities, with different classes being available to male and female knights.

Rune Knights who are defeated in battle do not die, but retreat to their country's capital to rest and recuperate from their wounds. After resting, they will be able to return to the battlefield at full strength.

Certain Rune Knights will join other countries when their home country is eliminated. Some will join the country that captured their home country's last castle, and others will join one of its rivals. In Brigandine: Grand Edition, however, most knights will never join the Esgares Empire.

Rune Knights can also go on quests, which give them the opportunity to improve their stats, recruit new knights, or find useful items and equipment (i.e. weapons and accessories).