"This giant country is also known as the land of tigers and wolves."
-Background from The Legend of Forsena
"The icy north, called the Land of Beasts, where King Vaynard the White Wolf leads his hearty knights to unify the realm."
-Background from Grand Edition


Norgard (Japanese: ノルガルド) is a vast country in the northern part of Forsena. It was formerly ruled by King Doremiditt, but after the war with Almekia, he died. The throne was given to Vaynard, who was the country's greatest general. The land here is mostly covered in snow. It is also mountainous and very rich in forestland. Their flag is colored blue.

Initial StatusEdit

  • 7 Castles (TLoF)
  • 8 Castles (GE)
  • 13 Knights
  • 44 Monsters
  • 747 Mana (TLoF)
  • 1265 Mana (GE)

Starting KnightsEdit

Territory Edit

Country's StrategyEdit

Norgard is a well-balanced country with many borders to defend. Their army contains quite a few powerful knights, all of whom start below Level 20. With a little bit of work, they'll be a force to be reckoned with later in the game. Their army initially consists of fighters that specialize in melee attacks, but they also have decent magical power.

If you use Norgard, the best thing to do is to put the high-level knights like Vaynard on the border with the Esgares Empire, the mid-level knights on the border with New Almekia, and the low-level knights on the border with Leonia. Then train them little by little until all of them are able to hold their own in battle. Since Norgard's knights start at pretty low levels, you can get them quick and large attribute increases by training them against your neighbors, then make a strong push into enemy territory with your powered-up knights. If you fight against Norgard, you should try to eliminate them as quickly as possible, because they can be almost as dangerous as Esgares if they have time to build up their knights' levels.