Ninja (Japanese: シャドウ) is a Rune Knight class in the Brigandine series.


Ninjas are on the second tier of male classes. They upgrade from male Rune Knights who are at least Level 10 with 65 STR and 70 AGI, but only if Shiraha has been recruited. Upon reaching Level 20, a Ninja can upgrade to a Ninja Master.

In Brigandine: Grand Edition, Ninjas are called Shadows. They upgrade from Rangers who are at least Level 10 with 55 STR and 60 AGI, but only if Shiraha or Kazan has been recruited. Upon reaching Level 15, a Shadow can upgrade to a Shadow Master.

Initial StatusEdit

Elements: 1 Black, 1 Green

Class Change: Ninja Master

Base ATK: 70

Base DEF: 95

Move: 5-7

Move Type: Light

Stat Growth:

HP: 8-12

MP: 0-2

STR: 1-2

INT: 0-1

AGI: 1-3

Attacks Edit

Attack Name Attack Type Range MP Game Description Target
Kunai Melee 1 Hex - "Attack with Kunai" Enemies
Illusion Melee 1 Hex - "Critical Attack" Enemies
Shuriken Projectile 2 Hexes - "Throw Shuriken" Enemies

Magic Edit

List of Spells:

Skills Edit

Skill Name Description
Hit & Away "Enable to move after attacking"
Evade +5% (GE only) Better chance of dodging attacks

Trivia Edit

  • The Ninja and Ninja Master are the only classes that maintained the same sprite in both versions of the game.

Gallery Edit

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