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New Almekia is located in the west of Forsena. Previously named Padstow, New Almekia was ruled by King Coel but since the state of the country was in danger, he gave the kingdom back to the Prince Lance to lead the country and restore the kingdom. Their flag is colored red.

Initial StatusEdit

  • 5 Castles
  • 12 Knights
  • 31 Monsters
  • 797 Mana

Starting KnightsEdit

Country's StrategyEdit

New Almekia's problem is Lance starts at level 1, which means he is very weak and won't last long if you put him in frontline against characters like Zemeckis, Cador and Esclados. But there are some high level warriors like Gereint and Meleagant to keep the balance. Plus, New Almekia is well balanced in melee and magic. If you use New Almekia, focus your attack on Esgares and reach the Logres castle to make Lance as King first and train him well. Then after you took a while try to disperse your troop against Norgard, because they will surely get a bit powerful. About Caerleon, don't worry as long you don't goof off and attack them which will break the alliance. If you use others except Caerleon, destroy them immediately or you'll see Lance truly dominate over other countries. Also, try to keep Lance away from Logres to prevent him from becoming King.

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