"Formerly the prince of Almekia, he is now the leader of New Almekia through King Coel."
-Background from The Legend of Forsena
"Formerly the kingdom of Padstow, its aging ruler welcomes the exiled Prince Lance who seeks to restore his father's throne."
-Background from Grand Edition


New Almekia (Japanese: 西アルメキア), known as West Almekia in the Japanese Brigandine games, is located in the west of Forsena. Previously named Padstow, New Almekia was ruled by King Coel but since the state of the country was in danger, he gave the kingdom to Prince Lance to lead the country and restore the kingdom. The land here is very fertile; it is filled with grasslands and forests. Their flag is colored red.

Initial StatusEdit

  • 5 Castles
  • 12 Knights
  • 31 Monsters
  • 797 Mana (TLoF)
  • 906 Mana (GE)

Starting KnightsEdit

Territory Edit

Country's StrategyEdit

New Almekia's biggest problem is that Lance starts at Level 1. Weak as he is, he won't last long if they put him on the front lines against characters like Zemeckis, Cador, and Esclados. However, New Almekia has a nice mixture of melee and magic-using knights, including some high-level knights like Gereint and Meleagant to keep the balance.

If you're using New Almekia, focus your attack on the Esgares Empire and capture Logres so that Lance can become King, then start training him. Norgard should be your next target, because they can be a huge threat if you give them time to build up. You can then deal with Leonia and Iscalio at your leisure. You have an alliance with Caerleon, so you won't have to worry about them unless you decide to attack them. If you're using any other country except Caerleon, don't give New Almekia time to work with Lance or they'll gain an edge over the other countries. You should also try to keep them away from Logres to prevent Lance from becoming King.