Miguel (Character)
English Name Miguel
Japanese Name Migeru (ミゲル)
Voice Actor Hiroshi Yanaka
Gender Male
Age (215) 26
Relationships Castor (Brother)

Liguel (Sister)

Country Iscalio
Original Castle Asten
Class Cavalier
Equipment -
Initial Status
Level 10
HP 514
MP 138
Rune Power 178
Rune Area 4
Strength 74
Intelligence 54
Agility 70
Attack 218
Defense 128
Experience 5001
Next Level 904
"The eldest son of the Rand Family. The three siblings had to be separated and forced to work for different countries in order to maintain the family name. He was able to stay in Iscalio, his homeland. He is very responsible and inflexible."

Miguel is a Rune Knight from Iscalio.


If Liguel meets Miguel in battle, she will join her brother's country. Castor will also join if he is with Liguel.

If Castor meets Miguel in battle, he will not join Miguel's country unless Liguel has already joined.


Miguel has tanned skin and light blue eyes, and wears a helmet that completely covers his hair. His design suggests that he is the visualization of the Cavalier class.