Logres (Japanese: ログレス) is the capital of the Esgares Empire. It is located in the central portion of Forsena. This was formerly the capital of Almekia. In Month 2, Year 215, Zemeckis staged a coup against King Henguist and overthrew the Almekian Kingdom. It was here where Cador successfully assassinated King Henguist. The land surrounding it is very fertile, filled with grasslands and forests. The castle is positioned near a large mountain. There are four main roads leading to it. You are able to go to Lidney if you head north, Toria if you head south, Dilworth if you head southwest and Cadbury if you head northwest. This castle provides 452 mana per month. In Grand Edition, this castle provides 502 mana per month.

Rune Knights Edit

Monsters Edit

Monster Mana Cost
G-Scorpion 100 Mana
Jinn 120 Mana
Clay Golem 240 Mana
Giant 280 Mana
Gryphon 300 Mana
Wyvern 320 Mana
Dragon 420 Mana

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

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