Listinoise (Japanese: リスティノイス) is a castle under Norgard. It is located in the northern portion of Forsena. The land surrounding it is very fertile, filled with grass lands and forests. The castle is positioned near a mountain. Infiltrating this castle from the southern entrance may prove to be difficult due to the abundance of plateaus and cliffs in the area. There are three main roads leading to it. You are able to go to Kardiff if you head north, Jukes if you head east and Orkney if you head south. This castle provides 231 mana per month. In Grand Edition, this castle provides 225 mana per month. A new castle was also added to the north of Listinoise called Solstheim. You are now required to pass through Solstheim to get to Kardiff.

Rune Knights Edit

Monsters Edit

Monster Mana Cost
Ghoul 60 Mana
Hell Hound 180 Mana
Roc 380 Mana
Demon 480 Mana