Limlight (Character)
English Name Limlight
Japanese Name Rimuraito (リムライト)
Voice Actor Akira Ishida
Gender Male
Age (215) 75
Relationships -
Country N/A
Original Castle N/A
Class Mage
Equipment -
Initial Status
Level 5
HP 326
MP 348
Rune Power 150
Rune Area 3
Strength 44
Intelligence 76
Agility 62
Attack 138
Defense 95
Next Level
"A young man from the village of the Elves that live in the Fileria Forest. He is a wandering Knight who loves his freedom and therefore is free-spirited."

Limlight is an unaffiliated Rune Knight.


Limlight can be recruited by sending Hyude on a quest.


Limlight has silvery hair, yellow eyes, and large, pointy ears.

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