Faticia (Character)
English Name Faticia
Japanese Name Fateshia (ファテシア)
Voice Actor Yōko Sasaki
Gender Female
Age (215) 22
Relationships -
Country Norgard
Original Castle Alliryme
Class Lancer
Equipment -
Initial Status
Level 10
HP 491
MP 153
Rune Power 164
Rune Area 3
Strength 71
Intelligence 70
Agility 78
Attack 217
Defense 126
Experience 5001
Next Level 904
"A female Knight who assists Guinglain and is a loyal follower of his tactics. She gives the impression of having a solemn personality due to her diligent work habits. However, she tends to smile when she is not on duty."

Faticia is a Rune Knight from Norgard.


When a country captures Norgard's last castle, Faticia will join another country at random.


Faticia has pale skin, pale blue eyes, and gray hair, most of which is covered by her helmet.

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