Esgares Empire
"A young nation forged by rebellion under the militant Emperor Zemeckis, it brings misery and the fire of war to Forsena."


The Esgares Empire (Japanese: エストレガレス) is one of the countries on the continent of Forsena. It was previously known as the original Almekia. It is located in the central land. Before it became Esgares, Almekia was ruled by King Henguist. Prince Lance was supposed to be his successor but one of Almekia's generals, Zemeckis, was tricked by Cador into staging a coup and killing the king. Lance fled the country, and Zemeckis declared himself emperor of the new Esgares Empire. Their flag is colored purple.

In Brigandine: The Legend of Forsena, it is possible to play as Esgares by pressing L2, R1, and Start at the same time on the country selection screen (or L1, R2, and Start in the Japanese version of the game). In Brigandine: Grand Edition, Esgares is playable by default.

Initial StatusEdit

  • 11 Castles
  • 18 Knights
  • 58 Monsters
  • 833 Mana

Starting KnightsEdit

Territory Edit

Country's StrategyEdit

The Esgares Empire possesses knights with a good balance of magical and physical power. They also have many knights who start at high levels and have ranged and/or area attacks, which makes them a very dangerous enemy and a nearly perfect country for any battle. However, they have some weaknesses as well: their knights' numbers are too small to defend all their borders against other countries, and powerful knights like Zemeckis, Cador, Esclados, and Gish won't have much of a chance to improve their attributes before maxing out in level.

If you use Esgares, your best bet is to go on the offensive immediately and destroy the other countries as quickly as you can. Esgares starts with a huge power advantage, but you'll lose that advantage if the other countries have a chance to train their knights. If you're fighting against Esgares, ignore their high-level knights for as long as possible and take the time to defeat their lower-level ones, who will become more of a threat if they have the opportunity to level up.