Emperor (Japanese: エンペラー) is a Rune Knight class in the Brigandine series.


Emperor is a special class for Zemeckis, the ruler of the Esgares Empire.

Initial StatusEdit

Elements: 2 Red

Class Change: N/A

Attacks: Tempest Bow, Lightning Bow (3-hex range, 4-hex range in GE); Gail Slicer (GE only)

Base ATK: 80 (125 in GE, 130 with Gail Slicer)

Base DEF: 112 (135 in GE)

Move: 4-6

Move Type: Armored

Stat Growth:

HP: 12-16

MP: 2-4

STR: 2-3

INT: 0-2

AGI: 1-2