Clay Golem
Clay Golem BGE
Japanese Name クレイゴーレム
Element -
Rune Cost 45
Move 3-3
Move Type Heavy

A Clay Golem (Japanese: クレイゴーレム) is a monster from the Brigandine series. Clay Golems can be upgraded to a Stone Golem at Level 10.

Overview Edit

Clay Golems are big bipedal rock creatures. They have a bulky upper body with two giant fists that they use to attack their enemies. They are unable to dodge a lot of attacks because of their low base Agility but they make up for it by having a high amount of HP and high base Strength. They are also strongly affected by magic since they have zero base Intelligence. They are mainly used for guarding castles since they move very slowly. They also cannot be affected by most status ailments. Their attacks are not very accurate. They cost 240 mana to summon.

Status Edit

Status Base Stats Stat Growth
HP 540 8-12
MP 0 0
Strength 85 0-2
Intelligence 0 0
Agility 35 0-1
Attack 230
Defense 126

Status Base Stats Stat Growth
HP 540 4-12
MP 0 0
Strength 85 0-2
Intelligence 0 0
Agility 35 0-1
Attack 227
Defense 125

Attacks Edit

English Name Golem Punch
Japanese Name ゴーレムパンチ
Type Melee
Range 1 Hex
Game Description "Punch"
Target Enemies Only
Notes -

Skills Edit

English Name Japanese Name Game Description
Golem attributes ゴーレム特性 "Won't petrify, paralyze, charm, poison or silence"

Location Edit

Castles that can summon Clay Golems:

Gallery Edit

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