Carlota (Character)
English Name Carlota
Japanese Name Karurōta (カルロ-タ)
Voice Actor Tomoko Kawakami
Gender Female
Age (215) 17
Relationships -
Country New Almekia
Original Castle Calmary
Class Enchantress
Equipment Ring of Sorcery
Initial Status
Level 8
HP 341
MP 389
Rune Power 170
Rune Area 5
Strength 45
Intelligence 69
Agility 72
Attack 140
Defense 99
Experience 3430
Next Level 734
"Her dream is to become a great magician and gain the respect of the people. She seems conceited, but in reality, she is a pure and sensitive person. She tends to nag at Prince Lance like an older sister, but that's only because she cares about him."

Carlota is a Rune Knight from New Almekia.


When a country captures New Almekia's last castle, Carlota will join that country.


Carlota has long, light brown hair and large, coppery eyes.