Bulnoil (Character)
English Name Bulnoil
Japanese Name Buronoiru (ブロノイル)
Voice Actor Takashi Matsuyama
Gender Male
Age (215)  ?
Relationships -
Country N/A
Original Castle Dolorousgard
Class Claimer
Equipment -
Initial Status
Level 31+
HP 729
MP 1000+
Rune Power 0
Rune Area 0
Strength 85
Intelligence 108
Agility 73
Attack 237
Defense 120
Experience -
Next Level -

Bulnoil is a mysterious magician with unrivaled power and ambition.


By creating Cador, ordering him to talk Zemeckis into betraying King Henguist, and causing King Doremiditt to die in the Battle of Lidney, Bulnoil orchestrated the events that plunged Forsena into war. It is later revealed that he did this in order to deplete the continent's mana, which the gods once used to imprison Ouroboros, the Snake of Chaos. As the warring countries use more and more mana to summon monsters into battle, they weaken the prison and will eventually allow the Snake of Chaos to be released into the world again.


Bulnoil is a pale, thin man with red eyes. His age is difficult to determine, but his withered skin and the black boils that cover his bald head make him look old and sickly. He wears a long black robe and a red and purple cape with intricate pauldrons, which resemble the busts of a handsome man and a beautiful woman with elfin ears. He carries a cane that he uses in battle.

Grand EditionEdit

Bulnoil can be battled in Grand Edition after all of the opposing countries have been eliminated. (He cannot be battled in The Legend of Forsena, though he does appear in some cutscenes and the data for his class is still present in the game files.) He appears at Dolorousgard and fights alongside Gaheris the Death Warrior and Olwen the Death Sniper.

Bulnoil fights almost exclusively with magic, employing spells such as Charm, Geno-Thunder, Fall Berg, Exa-Blast, Curse, and Meteor Doom. However, he does not use White Magic, making him less effective against units with the Black Element. He cannot be affected by status ailments and is immune to the Dimension spell and the special "Dragon Roar". He is also protected by a barrier with 2400 HP, which will absorb the first 200 damage he takes from each attack or spell. Defeating him triggers the final battle against the Snake of Chaos.


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