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Welcome to the Brigandine WikiEdit

This wiki is all about a PS1 game called Brigandine: The Legend of Forsena and Brigandine: Grand Edition
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Brigandine: Legend of ForsenaEdit

Brigandine is a strategy game made by Hearty Robin and released in Japan by Hearty Robin on April 2 1998. It was released in the United States by Atlus on October 31 1998. The goal of the game is to win the war and unify the kingdom. There are 6 (1 unlocked via inputting certain code) playable countries New Almekia, Caerleon, Norgard, Iscalio, Leonia, and Esgares. 

On 2000, Hearty Robin released a remake of the game called Brigandine: Grand Edition with many new features.

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