Berserker (Japanese: バーサーカー) is a Rune Knight class in the Brigandine series.


Berserkers are on the second tier of male classes. They upgrade from Fighers or Barbarians at Level 10. Upon reaching Level 20, a Berserker can upgrade to an Avenger.

Initial StatusEdit

Elements: 1 Black (1 Red in GE)

Class Change: Avenger

Base ATK: 80

Base DEF: 95

Move: 4-6

Move Type: Land

Stat Growth:

HP: 12-16

MP: 0-2

STR: 1-3

INT: 0-1

AGI: 0-2

Attacks Edit

Attack Name Attack Type Range MP Game Description Target
Fury Axe Melee 1 Hex - "Attack with Axe" Enemies
Axe Rush Melee 1 Hex - "Critical Attack" Enemies

Magic Edit

Spell Name Spell Type Range MP Game Description Target
Power (GE only) Single Target 4 Hexes 62 "Increases offensive power temporarily" Allies

Skills Edit

Skill Name Game Description
HP recovery 5% "Recovers 5% of HP in one turn"

Gallery Edit

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